2015 : Dwellers participation to achieve livable housing in Grudo rental flats

Prof.Ir. Happy Ratna Sumartinah M.Sc, Ph.D


The Surabaya city government has intensively built rental flats as an effort to reduce the problem of housing provision in urban areas, especially for low income people living in squatter settlement. This strategy is done to implement the urban renewal program and to generate the livable city program. The success of the livable city program is determined by the community participation. A regulation that is well planned by the government will not succeed without the participation of the community. Through participation, dwellers can influence the design of new systems and adapt to their needs. Therefore, the community is the determinant of city quality. The case studies in this research is Grudo rented flats. This study was conducted to determine the level of dwellerГs participation in flats as an essential component to create livable place, which may positively influence the wider environment. Livable places can positively impact dwellerГs productivity and create a comfortable atmosphere. It also can be transmitted to the people who live around the flats so that they are motivated to establish their own livable home. Competition to achieve title as livable place could also increase the willingness of the community in improving quality of its environment. The method used is descriptive qualitative, using data from Surabaya City Development Board and surveys. From this research, it can be concluded that Grudo is a habitable flat. The degree (level) of community participation is good, that is partnership.