2012 : The Importance of Natural Preservation for Kampung Livability

Prof.Ir. Happy Ratna Sumartinah M.Sc, Ph.D


Natural preservation of a settlement is very important for a sustainable life. Especially when the livelihood of inhabitants in the settlement depends on the surrounding natural resources. As happened in kampung wonorejo, some of the inhabitants work as fishermen, fishpond farmers, and catfish farmers. Kampung is a typical dense urban settlement and inhabited by the lower middle income people, formed without planning and the infrastructures tend to inadequate. The aim of this research was to examine the state of the settlement and the importance of preservation in relation to life support in coastal village. The method used was explorative survey and observation to find the actual field condition. The result showed that the inhabitants of kampung wonorejo have utilized the nature as well as did natural preservation. With the potential of existing natural and awareness of the community to improve their quality of life …