2017 : The influence of co-sintering Bi2O3 on Yb0.2Ce0.8O2-δ ceramic SOFC

Prof. Dr. Suasmoro


Ceramic Yb-doped CeO2 were prepared through two ways. First, sintering of mixed 20 mol % Yb2O3 and 80 mol % CeO2 at 1350 °C for 20 h and second sintering of mixed 96 mol % calcined Yb-doped CeO2 with 4 mol % Bi2O3 as a co-sintering agent at 1100 °C for 8h. Phase identification revealed that for the first sample was a cubic phase (a=5,3939Ã?) while the second sample showed three phases, CeO2 (cubic a=5,4254Ã?), YbxCe1-xO2-δ (cubic a=5,3980Ã?) and Bi5Yb3O12 (cubic a=10,5343Ã?). Cole-cole plot of impedance revealed 3 semicircles as marked of grain, grain boundary and electrode responses for B1 while for B2 showed two semicircles as marked of grain, grain boundary+electrode responses. Plot of log (σt) versus 1/T for both samples possed 2 activation energy regime, for the Sample B1 at T>650 °C Ea grain =1,01±0,04 eV and T<650 °C Ea grain =0,76±0,06 eV while for the sample B2 at …