2015 : Distillation Assisted by Microwave for Extracting Essential Oil from Java Cananga Flowers

Ir. Pantjawarni Prihatini


Cananga oil is one type of essential oil that called etheric oil or light oil. To increase the production of canangaoil, it is need to improve distillation methods and operating conditions, so that extraction process can producecananga oil more efficient. The aims of this research are to study several factors that influence the distillationmethods assisted by microwave, ie: flowers conditions, extraction time, mass of material, and microwave power. The experiment was conducted in a round bottom flask distiller that was placed inside a microwave oven andequipped with a Liebig condenser. The operating variables are: flowers conditions (fresh, wilted, chopped). Thecontent of distiller (100, 150, 200 gr). The results of this research shows that the yield of fresh flowers (0.6251-1.1965%) were higher than wilted flowers (0.5391-1.0755%). The mass ratio of material by volume ofdistillation flask influences on yield obtained. The …