2014 : Design of robust-fuzzy controller for SMIB based on power-load cluster model with time series analysis

Prof. Dr. Ir. Soeprijanto M.Sc.
Dr Suhartono S.Si., M.Sc


Dynamic stability analysis is one of important issue in electrical power system study. This paper aims to analyze and design the control of power generation operation system in small disturbance events. This condition is affected by changes in the prime mover of mechanical power input in generator system due to power fluctuation in load, so that the system becomes unstable. In the analysis of electrical power distribution, generation unit provides power output based on regulations of fluctuating power. This distribution system that provides continuous data periodically is actually performing a pattern of dynamic time series model. Within the statistical methods analysis, the presentation of load data will be analyzed through clustering method based on the average distribution and peak loads. This kind of pattern description is purposed to enable the control system for anticipating the changes in the load model, where …