2019 : Analysis of AB nutrient film technique variation towards chlorophyll concentration of lettuce (Lactuca Sativa) on integrated hydroponic system

Hendra Cordova ST.,MT.


The growing number of Indonesians, as well as the growing awareness of nutritional needs lead to increased demand for vegetables, including lettuce that still had low production rate in Indonesia. Thus, the need of lettuce which has a higher economic value than the similar vegetable is still filled from importers. These problems can be solved by applying hydroponic technology so it would help optimize lettuce growth. The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of the hydroponic nutrition of A and B through the Nutrient Film Technique towards chlorophyll concentration of lettuce on integrated hydroponic system. Lettuces were grown on the hydroponic pipes with the controlled condition of lighting, the pump, and the seeding treatments. Based on the results from the research conducted on the growth of lettuce for 18 days, it can be determined that most optimum lettuce growth is using the variation of 25%A …