2011 : Sustainable interior: A holistic approach of eco-socio-econo interior

Ir. Muhammad Faqih MS
Dr Eng. Dipl Ing. Ir. Sri Nastiti Nugrahani Ekasiwi M.T.


Sustainable interior theory construction model with the contextual eco-socio-econo interior holistic approach become a problem and also research objective. Theoretical study was started from the sustainable development to the sustainable interior understandings, hypothesis of eco-socio-econo interior and terminology and theory of the sustainability of product-interior-structure scope. Generally, method used in the research execution was referring to the theoretical construction method. The research stages were the theoretical problem that continued by hypothesis and argumentation idea for the theory construction in general. Methods used were: logical and critical argumentation, report and description. Fisrt stage result of this research from the literature study was general theory in nature, the sustainable interior consisted of 3 holistic and balanced consider of major pillars namely: eco-interior, socio-interior, econo-interior. Key words: sustainable interior, eco-interior, socio-interior, econo-interior.