2014 : Kualitas Pelayanan Pubik Dalam Pembuatan e-KTP Pada Kecamatan Suboh Kabupaten Situbondo

Dr.Drs Agus Suharsono MS.


The making of e-KTP (electronic Citizen ID) card is a form of public service. Services in making e-KTP in various regions in Indonesia have different qualities. This occurs because of different equity and development in each region in Indonesia. This research was aimed to gain accurate information and complete, factual profile of the quality of public services in making e- KTP in District of Suboh, Situbondo Regency. This research is descriptive-quantitative. Data were obtained from observation, interviews and questionnaires. The data obtained were analyzed using percentage data analysis technique which was further analyzed using score ServQual. The research results showed that e- KTP making service in District of Suboh was not good as indicated by negative ServQual scores for dimensions of direct evidence, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy.