2015 : Composition of Bamboo Walls and Compressed Earth Block Walls in a Simple House that Produces Energy Efficient to Heat and Embodied Energy in Indonesia

Dr. Ir. Vincentius Totok Noerwasito


Building materials have a major effect on the depletion of natural resources and energy in the world. Local raw materials are some of the best building materials, which can be found in every location; for example, compressed earth block and bamboo. This study adds to previous studies on compressed earth blocks without using combustion in the same location. The study focused on how to obtain a rural housing design by using compressed earth block walls and bamboo walls, which are adaptive to local materials and climate. Moreover, the ratio of the use of the compressed earth block walls with the walls is also examined to produce optimum embodied energy and heat energy buildings. The method used in this study was to analyze the characteristics of the compressed earth block and bamboo materials used as wall construction. While embodied energy and heat energy were calculated by using simulation model building, the heat energy calculation was found using the Archipak program. The results of the study shows that the optimum wall materials for the embodied energy and heat energy was compressed earth block with an area of 11 m 2 and bamboo walls with an area of 19 m 2.