2014 : Design of key performance indicators for a comprehensive performance in marine agro-industrial clusters: A case study in Indonesia

Dr.Ir. Patdono Suwigjo M.Eng,Sc.
Dr.Ir. Sri Gunani Partiwi M.T.


The competitiveness of marine agro-industry cluster depends on how the performance of this industry was conducted comprehensively. However, limited studies investigate the performance criteria at the cluster level. This study designs the comprehensive performance criteria of clusters by determining criteria and key performance indicators (KPIs) using an expert system. Expert elicitation judgement was conducted through brainstorming and expert questionnaire. In addition, Delphi methods and analytical hierarchy process (AHP) were used for quantitative analysis. The criteria and sub criteria were elaborated from various aspects of agro-industry clusters, which include environment, social, economic and internal business process. The selected criteria were determined based on their importance of these criteria to both aspects and actors of marine agro-industry clusters. These criteria were further derived to obtain …