2016 : Developing workflow patterns based on functional subnets and control - Flow patterns

Prof. Drs. Ec. Ir. Riyanarto Sarno M.Sc., Ph.D
Dwi Sunaryono S.Kom., M.Kom.
Abdul Munif S.Kom, M.Sc.Eng


Nowadays business processes are main concern in enterprises systems. The growing systems affect business process changes. Business processes always grow in order to fulfill the business activities. In this paper, we use a graph model called Petri Nets to analyze complex business processes. A Petri Net is the most usable model which often represents a process system in business concerns or others. Business processes are modeled using Petri Nets; then, the Petri Nets are separated into simpler fragments in order to make the analysis easier. In this context, we propose a method for developing an effective and efficient workflow repository system by using minimal functional subnet concept for generating common workflow in Petri Nets models. Thus process could lead to compose a new workflow. The results show that a complex business process can be decomposed into functional subnets which are smaller …