2014 : Exploring Biodiversity of The Poteran Island For ITS Future Sustainability\n

Dr. Dra. Enny Zulaika M.P.
Nengah Dwianita Kuswytasari S.Si., M.Si.
Aunurohim S.Si.,DEA.

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Indonesia is an evergreen country with its high mega-biodiversity: plant, animal and \n\nmicroorganisms spreading over 14,000 islands surrounded by terrestrial, coastal and marine \n\nenvironments. Those potential natural resources, especially in the small islands, are not optimally \n\nmanaged or even mismanaged. Due to a low local economic level and a less environmental \n\nunderstanding, mainly the local people explore their natural resources without paying an \n\nattention to their sustainability. \n\nConcerning to those, we purpose a project to explore and develop the Poteran Island in Madura, \n\nEast Java for being an independent island. This project is purposed as an international \n\ncollaborative research with the Wismar Fachhochschule. The project is planned for 3 years. First \n\nyear (2013) work focuses on exploring the biodiversity data existed i