2012 : Distribution Temperature of Analysis on CH4-CO2 Gas Mixed in Double Pipe Heat Exchanger by Controlled Feeze Out Area Methode

Dr. Ir. Sumarno M.Eng.


The research purpose to get the temperature distribution on CH4-CO2 gas mixture in the annulus double pipe heat exchanger and position of formation CO2 frozen from end input the double pipe heat exchanger. Controlled freeze out area method using a heat exchanger in this research uses four steps, such as, flushing impurities, start-up equipment, the proses of freezing CO2, sampling CH4-CO2 output from double pipe heat exchanger and sampling CO2 frost in double pipe heat exchanger. CH4-CO2 gas mixture and carbon dioxide out from heat exchanger is analyzed by using Gas Chromatography (GC). The data get in this research is distribution temperature of CH4-CO2 gas mixture, wall temperature and nitrogen along the double-pipe heat exchanger in which to solve these two temperatures simultaneously using MATLAB software with Newton Rhapson and Runge Kutta order 4. The results of analysis Gas chromatography shown in CH4 5% CO2 with pressure of 1, 5, 10, and 20 bar most produced yield of CH4 99% mol so that This indicates that the purification of CH4 has been successful although there are still a small percentage of CO2 in it.