2014 : 20 (S)-Ginsenoside Rh2 as aldose reductase inhibitor from Panax ginseng

Prof. Dr. Taslim Ersam MS.


The root of Panax ginseng CA Meyer (Araliaceae) is a well-known herbal medicine in East Asia. The major bioactive metabolites in this root are commonly identified as ginsenosides. A series of ginsenosides were determined for in vitro human recombinant aldose reductase. This Letter aims to clarify the structural requirement for aldose reductase inhibition. We discovered that only ginsenoside 20 (S)-Rh2 showed potent against aldose reductase, with an IC 50 of 147.3 μM. These results implied that the stereochemistry of the hydroxyl group at C-20 may play an important role in aldose reductase inhibition. An understanding of these requirements is considered necessary in order to develop a new type of aldose reductase inhibitor. Furthermore, P. ginseng might be an important herbal medicine in preventing diabetic complications.