2014 : A new approach for lossless image compression using Reversible Contrast Mapping (RCM)

Prof. Ir. Handayani Tjandrasa M.Sc., Ph.D.
Dr.Eng. Chastine Fatichah S.Kom, M.Kom


This research introduces a new concept of compression with a different approach on lossless image compression that has been commonly known. The concept uses Reversible Contrast Mapping (RCM) which is a function of a simple integer transform developed for reversible watermarking method. The use of RCM in image compression is done similarly with the watermarking method. In this method, an image is divided into fixed-size blocks, the blocks are divided into two groups based on the data storage capacity. Blocks with smaller storage capacities are used as watermarks for the other blocks. The compression ratio of this method is similar to the Huffman compression. This method can also be used together with the Huffman compression technique to increase the overall compression ratio.