2013 : Modeling And Control Of Excitation And Governor Based On PSO For MHPP

Prof. Dr. Ir. Soeprijanto M.Sc.


This paper presents the modeling and control of the excitation system via the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and governor system through the automatic generation control (AGC) or frequency load control (FLC) to improve stability on a micro hydro power plant (MHPP). Three main parts of the generation system are synchronous generator, AVR/excitation, AGC modelled linearly. Generator is modelled by a single machine connected to infinite bus (SMIB) which is equipped by AVR and excitation linear model. Excitation control system made ??by optimizing the gain of the AVR (KA) and the governor with the gain of the AGC (Ki). Optimization is done using the method improved particle swam optimization (IPSO). The main purpose of setting the gain of the AVR-AGC is to stabilize the oscillation frequency of the MHPP is connected to an infinite bus. Simulations are conducted by inputting step function with 5% load …