2015 : Evaluation of the Reliability and Prediction Maintenance on the Air Compressor System in Ammonia Plant PT. Petrokimia Gresik

Ir. Heri Joestiono MT
Dr. Ir. Ronny Dwi Noriyati M.Kes
Dr.Ir. Ali Musyafa M.Sc.


In the formation of ammonia, in PT. Petrokimia Gresik, there is stage supply of air from outside. Instrument air is used for plant instrumentation means that driving pneumatic control valve. The air coming from the air compressor 101J in ammonia plant. Plant air from the compressor is introduced into the utility I particularly sexy unit for absorbed molecules H2O. The air is then distributed to the user; it is ammonia plant, urea plant, and service unit. The instrument air pressure of 7 kg/cm². Air compressor contained in the instrument air supply system in PT. Petrokimia is a centrifugal compressor types, it is the type of compressor that is capable of providing performance at high efficiency by operating at a pressure range and large capacity (UNEP-2015).Compressor very important role in the supply of air, so it is necessary to evaluate the value of reliability in the performance of air compressor 101J system. Evaluation with regard to the frequency of failure time or damage to the components. Air compressor 101J in ammonia plant PT. Petrokimia Gresik had a fairly long operational time, from the 90’s until today. Air compressor are operating without stopping, thus causing suspicion whether the components in the compressor still has a good