2016 : Lateral and yaw motion control of the vehicle using fuzzy logic and PID being optimized by firefly algorithm

Prof.Dr.Ir. Imam Robandi M.T.



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The aim of this paper is to control the lateral and yaw motion of the vehicle in order to always fix at the desired trajectory. The controller used was fuzzy logic control (FLC) for lateral motion control and PID control is used to control the yaw motion arranged cascade. To obtain optimal control parameters is used Firefly Algorithm (FA) optimization method as one of the methods swarm intelligence which is much simpler both in concept and implementation, but it is very efficient and can outperform the other conventional algorithms. Simulation of optimal control FLC-PID using FA applied to the vehicle model with 10 DOF (Degree of Freedom) of vehicle dynamics. The simulation results showed that the lateral and yaw motion can be maintained in accordance with the desired trajectory expressed in Continues-root mean square (C-RMS) error smaller than using the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO).