2015 : A Simple Dissolved Metals Mixing Route to Prepare Nanostructured Mg0. 8Zn0. 2TiO3 Solid Solution

Prof. Dr. Suasmoro


Article PreviewArticle PreviewA study of liquid mixing route to synthesize high purity Mg 0.8 Zn 0.2 TiO 3 nanopowder, a candidate dielectric ceramics, has been successfully performed. Formation of the phases on the dried powder was studied using TG/DTA, XRD and FT-IR data. Rietveld analysis on the collected XRD patterns confirmed the formation of solid solution in the system. Such solid solution can be obtained from the powder calcined at 500 C, but calcination at 550 C gave rise to the most optimum molar purity up to 98.5% without intermediate phases. The role of Zn ions on the formation of solid solution was also discussed. Homogeneity of particle size distribution and nano-crystallinity of the system was verified from the particle size analyzer data, TEM image and the Rietveld analysis output.