2011 : Perilaku Deformasi Pemecah Gelombang Kantong Pasir Tipe Tenggelam

Prof.Ir. Agoes Pratikto M.Sc Ph.D


Breakwater is one of coastal structures to overcome problems of abrasion. Due to difficulties in obtaining rock material at the coast area, so the using of sandbags as a breakwater providing advantages in utilizing local materials. Therefore, the problem of the rock material supply can be overcome. The environmentally oriented conservation of the coastal protection is necessarily built without damaging the beauty of the coast itself. That is why this research on behavior of the stability of submerged sandbag breakwater is carried out this experimental research conducted in 2-D physical model and take place on the flume tank of Laboratory Ocean Engineering Department, ITS Surabaya for stability test, it shows that the deformation of the sandbags is influenced by the elasticity of sandbags which depends on its dimension and density. The sandbags size influences the grip zone. As a result, the deformation of sandbag depends on the wave forces, as a consequence of the change of slope and cross areas due to sandbags shape and formation type. The formation of SK1 has relatively high stability; the structure with mild slope is more stable, and the sandbag shapes B1 more stable than B2Abstrak. Pemecah gelombang merupakan salah satu struktur pantai yang digunakan untuk mengatasi permasalahan abrasi. Namun sering sulit ditemukan material batuan di lokasi tersebut, maka penggunaan kantong pasir sebagai pemecah gelombang menguntung karena menggunakan material lokal. Sehingga permasalahan suplai material batuan dapat terselesaikan. Pengaman pantai yang berwawasan lingkungan sangat diperlukan untuk mengamankan …