2021 : Study on influence of Geometry Configuration on Dynamics of SAVGS

Dr.Eng. Unggul Wasiwitono ST., M.Eng.Sc.



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The SAVGS with two different linkage geometries of double wishbone arrangement is studied. A linear equivalent model of the quarter car based on energy conservation principles is adopted to synthesize the Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) control scheme. The synthesized controller incorporated with actuator bandwidth limitation is thereafter simulated a quarter car excited by a road disturbance model that is validated using measurements of a real highway pro�e. The iteratively weighted outputs among different linkage geometries has produced the gain feedback to command the compensated nonlinearly single-link bloc. The simulation result captured that the performance improvement is significantly notable when SAVGS retrofitted to the lengthening arm-linkage compared to the sort arm-linkage of passive system.