2019 : Tetrandraxanthones A–I, Prenylated and Geranylated Xanthones from the Stem Bark of Garcinia tetrandra

Prof. Dr. Taslim Ersam MS.


Nine new xanthones, tetrandraxanthones A–I (1–9), and 22 known xanthones (10–31) were isolated from Garcinia tetrandra stem bark. The structures of 1–9 were characterized through detailed spectroscopic analysis, including HRESIMS and 2D NMR data. Among the compounds tested for their cytotoxicity, 26 showed significant cytotoxic effects against five human cancer cell lines, including MCF-7, HT-29, KB, Hep G2, and HeLa S3, with IC50 values in the range of 1.6–3.4 μM, while 10 and 11 were cytotoxic against the MCF-7, HeLa S3, and KB cell lines, with IC50 values of 4.3–9.0 μM.