2014 : Community Participation in Heritage Tourism For Gresik Resilience

Dr. Ir. Rima Dewi MIP


Preservation act of the heritage area in Gresik is still in draft, and many heritage objects are yet formally legalised. This situation affect to the decrease of heritage objects from 500 units to 125 units for the last 20 years. The heritage area that situated in urban area has many values while their advantage are not yet maximalised in urban development process. This article is part of Gresik preservation concept research which aiming in building criterion for preservation concepts by grounding up perception and values that lies in the community either who lives in an urban heritage area of Gresik, Kampung Kemasan, and the remote community who are connected to Kampung Kemasan but may not live there in present.Preservation concept that build from the locals may describe the community participation level to preserve a city's heritage area and lead them into a heritage tourism through any capacity. This capacity …