2015 : Power loss reduction strategy of distribution network with distributed generator integration

Prof.Dr.Ir Soedibyo MMT.


This paper proposes a strategy of power loss reduction of radial distribution network with distributed generator (DG) integration based on a fuzzy multi-objective method in order to improve the distribution system efficiency. Multi-objective functions are considered for power loss reduction, minimization of bus voltage deviation, and maintaining the load balancing among the feeder of distribution network. These objective functions are modeled with fuzzy sets to evaluate the imprecise nature of each objective. Originality of this work is the fuzzy-based multi-objective optimization in reconfiguration of distribution network including the distributed generator. The application of the fuzzy based multi-objective for distribution network reconfiguration on a 33-bus distribution network with integration of distributed generator is described. The test results show that the power loss of 33-bus radial distribution network experienced a …