2021 : An Integrated Fuzzy Analytic Network Process-DEMATEL for Supplier Evaluation and Selection

Prof. Dr. Ir. Suparno MSIE.



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One of the most important processes that manufacturing organizations perform is the evaluation and selection of suppliers. Evaluation suppliers are always needed to ensure sustainability of supply chain and sustainable production. This paper presents an integrated Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FANP) and DEMATEL to asses the performance of suppliers and select the appropriate suppliers to supply some of the materials needed by the manufacturing company. Based on the results, there are several factors are considered as criteria and sub-criteria, among others are cost/price, delivery, quality, production facility and capacity, service, financial capability, pollution production, environmental management systems, occupational health, and safety management systems. The final criteria will be selected by experts involved in this study. Therefor by considering the effect of dependencies between selected criteria and personal judgment, a fuzzy analytical network method is used to identify the rank of the selected suppliers. The method of evaluation developed then be applied in a manufacturing company in East Java, and the result will be presented.