2011 : Leachate Stabilization by the Unstable and Immature Compost in Evapotranspiration Bed

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo MScES


This research was conducted by means of coprocess of toxic leachate and the unstable and immature compost in evapotranspiration bed with the objectives to determine the composition of the bed and its design criteria. The methods included treatment variations in composition of compost and sand, hourly observation of evapotranspiration and evaporation rates, daily observations within a month and monthly in the year. Results revealed that compost/sand in maximum proportion of 50/50% by weight was an optimum composition for evapotranspiration bed that resulted in an optimum volumetric loading of leachate to maintain the growth of plants on the bed. Intermittent loading of leachate was able to recover evapotranspiration bed for long term processing. The co-process of toxic leachate and the unstable and immature compost increased biodegradability of both materials and achieved stability. Wastewater treatment system configuration was suggested for design, implementation, and research on plants diversity.