2021 : Strategy design to increase the purchasing power of halal products by increasing consumer purchase intention (Case in the halal cosmetic industry in Indonesia)

Gogor Arif Handiwibowo ST., M.MT.



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The potential for the development of the global halal product market is still very promising. The development of the halal market does not only occur in Muslim countries, but in non-Muslim countries as well. However, globally the halal market also faces competition with conventional products that have been established beforehand. By looking at this phenomenon, a strategic design is needed to increase purchasing power and maintain the sustainable consumption of existing halal products. This research tries to analyze the influence of aspects in consumer purchase intentions that can be used to increase the purchasing power and maintain the sustainability consumption of halal products. The sampling technique used was convenience sampling offline and online to 273 career Muslim women between the ages of 21-50 years. The analytical tool used in this study is to use the structural equation modeling (SEM) approach method to test the hypotheses. The results of the analysis show that companies engaged in the halal sector should emphasize the aspects of halal awareness, religiosity, halal certification and halal marketing, which have an impact on the attitude of purchasing halal products. Next, the purchasing attitude of halal products and the subjective norms of consumers also have an impact on the purchase intention of halal products.