2021 : Analysis Of Behavior System and Optimal Control in The Cancer Treatment Model with Combining Cryosurgery and Immunotherapy

Dr. Drs. Hariyanto M.Si.



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Cancer is a cell disease in which the function of cell control against regulation of cell cycle does not work normally. With these conditions result in cells will continue proliferating, causing abnormal tissue growth. Cancer has the possibility to be cured with various treatments. In this study the treatment was a combination of cryosurgery and immunotherapy to minimize cancer cell size by adding control Cr (dose of cryosurgery) and u (dose of immunotherapy) using the minimum principle of Pontryagin. In the simulaasi resulted that the size of cancer cells experienced an optimal decrease when given a dose of immunotherapy (u) of 0.0002 Dcs and cryosurgery (Cr) of 1 mm.