2017 : The high teperature influence on geopolymer fly ash mixture's compressisive strength with insudtrial waste material substitution

Ir. Boedi Wibowo CES
Ir. Srie Subekti MT
Ir. Yusuf Kaelani M.Sc.E
Ridho Bayuaji ST., MT., Ph.D.


This research aimed to figure out the influence of fly ash mixture from the industrial waste at the temperatures of 150 C, 450 C, 750 C viewed from the strength and resistance of geopolymer paste. As a result, cement will be substituted by industrial waste like fly ash. This experimental research was conducted on the mix design of geopolymer concrete which was made by dimension with 2.5 cm in diameter and 5 cm in height from four mixture composition of fly ash and industrial waste ie 100% fly ash, 50% fly ash+ 50% bottom ash, 50% fly ash+ 50% sandblast, and 50% fly ash+ 50% carbide waste. Each mixture was tested in terms of porosity and compressive strength.