2021 : Beachhead Market Formulation based on Customer Focus Theory to Succeed Projects of an Investment Start-Up Company (Case: VIGMA)

Ir. Achmad Holil Noor Ali M.Kom.



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VIGMA (Vannamei Global Millennial Abadi) is a start-up company that focuses on stock investment for selected micro, small, and medium enterprises. (MSMEs). VIGMA's pioneering business is expected to be able to answer Indonesia's challenges as one of the initiators of financial inclusion due to an issue mentioned by PwC that 74% of MSMEs in Indonesia suffer from getting fund. Unfortunately, to get appropriate funding, MSMEs who are working together with fintech have not been able to meet the financial inclusion required in Indonesia. This issue happens since the fintech development process is only based on the assumption that the product (investment project) that has been issued will definitely be purchased by the public without prior market validation. However, the market has its own preferences which must be explored deeper so that the products offered are in accordance with their needs. For this reason, this research is conducted to help VIGMA on planning the issuance of projects through the beachhead market formulation that has been validated by customer focus theory, a prominent concept for the development of investment plans. This customer focus theory mainly aims to align the business plans of investors with the issuers, so that mutually beneficial investments can be achieved. The first stage of this study is dividing or segmenting customers based on their behaviour and preferences. The second stage is carrying out market research to find out the nature of investment in Indonesia and the related problems occurred. The third stage is the beachhead market which aims to select and weigh various potential market segments. The fourth stage is validation using customer focus theory to ensure that the proposed beachhead market is appropriate and in line with the wishes of platform users. The result of this research is the selection of the private handicraft trade industry as the first beachhead priority because the business has spread widely throughout Indonesia. This was followed by the private handicraft trade industry with a note that it still needed improvements in infrastructure, labor and raw materials. Then the last one is the livestock industry which still needs a lot of improvement in capital, marketing, and the level of dependence on the weather. With these results, it is hoped that the business startups handled by VIGMA can launch products that will be effective for their customers.