2014 : Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) In Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Prototype with Airfoil Profile NREL Standard S83 at Low Rate Wind Speed

Ir. Apriani Kusumawardhani M.Sc
Ir. Heri Joestiono MT


Background: The issue of energy crisis and environmental crisis, the food crisis has been a concern of Indonesia. To answer the energy crisis and environmental done by utilizing renewable energy sources. Horizontal axis wind turbine is a wind power plant is suited to Indonesian conditions. This is due to the condition of the wind farm with varied and fluctuating low rate speed (2-8 m/s). To obtain the optimum performance of a wind turbine applied intelligent control to be able to cope with the load change. FLC output in the form of changes in wind turbine blade pitch angle. FLC rule base is constructed based on the characteristics of the wind turbine response to changes in load. Performance of horizontal axis wind turbines can work up to 40 pulses per second, equivalent to 120 rpm. 0: 01% indicated maximum overshoot, error steady state 4, 56% and the ITAE 39 275 So, wind turbines operation in the working area of 60-120 rpm.