2012 : Behavior of Fibrous Peat Soil Stabilized with Rice Husk Ash (RHA) and Lime

Prof.Ir. Noor Endah M.Sc Ph.D


Peat soil is an organic soil with high compressibility and low bearing capacity; because of that, its physical and engineering properties have to be improved in order to reduce the compression and increase its bearing capacity. This paper will discuss the use of admixture material, those are lime and rice husk ash (RHA) as a new material for fibrous peat soil stabilization. Each of them that is 70% RHA and 30% lime are mixed as an admixture material. In order to get the percentage of the admixture material which gave the optimum result of soil improvement, this admixture in varies percentages were mixed with fibrous peat soil. Afterwards, the prepared samples were cured in different period of time in order to see the effect of the curing time to the soil behavior. The results indicate that the fibrous peat stabilized with 10% admixture material give the optimum bearing capacity increment and compressibility decrement; the improvement becomes more prominent with the increase of the curing period.