2021 : Identifikasi Kebocoran Pipa Air Menggunakan Metode Ground Penetrating Radar

Mariyanto S.Si., M.T



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Ground Penetrating Radar method has been widely used to determine conditions under the surface such as mapping utilities, subsurface lithology. Water pipeline for water supply system needs to be monitored to ensure proper functionality for ecient exploitation of the water resources. Water losses have a highly negative environmental and economic impact. In this research, the GPR measurement using Geoscanners GSSI 270 MHz Antenna is conducted to locate the water pipeline leak at the steam power plant. The GPR data on each measuring line were reconstructed to interpret the signal from water pipeline to locate the water leaks. In this study uses 11 GPR measuring line, which acquisition is done above the surface of water pipelines. The results of processing show an indication the location of water pipeline leak. The imaging-based detection method from the water pipeline leak location shows up as a void regions and/or water distribution networks (moisture of soil) that are shallowly buried beneath the surface.