2021 : Inter Space Connection in Community Housing Design with Architectural Perception Approach.

Angger Sukma Mahendra, S.T, M.T



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The high level of urbanization that occurs in the city is the cause of many kinds of slums and squatters. "Architecture is a space of human life, which is more than just physical, but also involves basic cultural institutions, which includes: the social and cultural life of the community, which is embodied as well as the architectural leader" (Amos Rappoport 1981) Architecture is not just as Vitruvius says about functional, visual and structural, architecture also talks about outside of physical buildings aspects, such as socio- cultural aspects. Housing rights in the city is the top issue in the case of illegal settlement problems. The phenomena of interaction among citizens in socio-cultural life also become the basis in the design process. Inter-space connection associated with the activities of citizen interaction can be used as a form of design in the life of social and cultural life in the community. The hope, architecture can be a solution in the settlement of social and non-physical building problems as a response to the housing rights in the city for people living in illegal settlements.