2021 : Form Of Change: The Adaptation Of Hospital Building In Design Process

Iwan Adi Indrawan S.T., M.Ars.



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Changes in buildings, especially hospitals, are now clearly needed. The development of disease and medical knowledge on it have a tremendous contribution to be able to reaffirm the urgency of the responsiveness of an architectural configuration. The design needs to be prepared to have alternative changes from the start. Improvisation, Building change and Building Extension are forms of changes offered in the initial concept of design in order to achieve adaptability. This study used an evidence-based design method in identifying changes that occurred in two hospitals before the pandemic took place. The two hospitals are located in Surabaya, precisely located in the second largest city in Indonesia. This data can be used as a reference for projecting initial conditions before the pandemic. At the end of this study, it is concluded that a design needs to prepare at least two alternative forms of change as an architectural response to this problem.