2021 : Seeking for value and identity through data mining for Surabaya City: a digital ethnography approach

Karina Pradinie Tucunan S.T., M.Eng.



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This study aims to determine the meaning of the city of Surabaya for people who have visited it by utilizing "big data" in social media. Social media provides “big data�for researchers to do real-time analysis, as digital ethnographers, of what places and attributes a person perceives in the urban landscape they live in or visit. This study uses the density mapping analysis method to identify the points of concentration of the city area, Analysis of view scenes to identify urban artifacts from the city, and the last one is the Analysis of scene-tags where this analysis aims to identify patterns of experience and activity from photos that are used. uploaded to formulate an interpretation of the meaning of the user who uploaded about the place they visited (collective memory).