2021 : Effect loyalty toward sustainable utilization of mobile banking services: a case on Indonesian state-owned bank

Dr. Mudjahidin ST., MT



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One type of mobile-based application service for financial transactions that has widely developed today is mobile banking. This service is expected to increase banking companies' competitive advantage by providing convenience for customers in conducting banking transactions and Online Bank Payment Points (PPOB). However, the problem faced by banking companies nowadays is the low level of customer loyalty to the mobile banking services provided. The indicated by the ownership of mobile banking accounts from more than one different bank. Therefore, this study aims to analyze factors that can influence customer loyalty in utilizing the mobile banking service application. The research method used is Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with a combination of Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT2) and IS Success Model, where loyalty and usage are the basis for making hypotheses. Also, the satisfaction variable adds as a mediating variable. The results obtained in this study are that customer loyalty (LYT) is significantly influenced by the use (USE=0.62), as the direct effect. Next, the effect of use (USE) on loyalty (LYT) through satisfaction (SATIS) is 0.29 (as the indirect effect). These results indicate that satisfaction (SATIS) has a role as a partial mediation variable with a total effect value of 0.91. Thus, this study provides added value for banking companies, especially in Indonesia, in knowing that service development that focuses on user experience and customer satisfaction can increase customer loyalty. Finally, the result of the study will contribute to the sustainable development goals of Indonesian state-owned banks towards sustainable industrialization and foster innovation for banking companies. Further research detailing the user experience and satisfaction will be more valuable for improving mobile banking service.