2021 : Architectural Response for Sexual Violance’s Victims Incorporating Behaviour Settings Strategy

Rabbani Kharismawan S.T, M.T



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Sexual violence is one of the phenomena that is rife in the ears of people today because it happens a lot, moreover rape. Sexual violence that happens to women is an inhumane action. Sexual violence that occurs in women raises the fact that women have a position who are weaker than men. Women are also entitled to the rights of human freedom and freedom in various fields. As a result of the sexual violance that happens to women, the psychology can be affected. This must be resolved immediately, one natural treatment that is by providing an architectural response. Architecture as an environment that will provide a response to psychology, one branch of science that contributes to the environment and psychology is a healing environment. From this environment a pattern of active activity will emerge that can support recovery of victims of sexual violence. In the branch of architecture this is often referred to as behavior setting. Architecture has an important role in responding to the problems of sexual violance by forming a healing environment as a container in terms of physical protection of victims by making patterns of activity as behavioral setting. The concept and space requirements of the design are realized based on the environment that can support the recovery process and user opportunities to be able to interact for patients and non-patients. Buildings that have a lot of greenery and open spaces to trigger user interaction, especially for patients to support the recovery process.