2021 : Validation of Multi Nodal - Multi DOF Vibration Response on Mechanical Vibration Exciter

Dr. Wiwiek Hendrowati ST, MT



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In fact, the vibrations in industrial, automotive and machining machine tools are multi-axis in nature, both heave, roll and pitch. Study of vibration characteristics in industrial machines is needed to determine the analysis of the vibration response that occurs in one area. This research has produced a mechanical vibration exciter that can represent vibrations in industrial machines with heave, rolling and pitching directions on a laboratory scale. This exciter device is composed of masses, springs and dampers which are excited by the sinusoidal force from the motor mechanism. To obtain vibrations with the direction of motion of heave, rolling and pitching, the exciter plate suspension spring coefficient is set differently. The multi-nodal vibration response from the experimental results was validated by the vibration response of the simulation method to determine the similarity of the response form. This study succeeded in validating the experimental results with the simulation method that the greater the excitation amplitude resulted in an increase in the vibration response in each nodal plate mechanical vibration exciter on systems 1, 2 and 3 degrees of freedom.