2019 : Optimization of high temperature furnace system as one of the spray pyrolisis subsystems based on R type thermocouples and PID control

Susilo Indrawati M.Si
Sudarsono S.Si., M.Si
Iim Fatimah S.Si., M.Si.
Diky Anggoro S.Si.,M.Si


One method that can produce nanoparticle material is the spray pyrolysis method, but the use of a spray system requires a high temperature heating or pyrolisis system therefore a furnace is needed which can reach high temperatures. The built furnace has a vertical elongated turbular type with dimensions measuring 60 cmÃ? 50 cmÃ? 150 cm. For this furnace used nickell type windings which are loosely shaped, and given type R thermocouples that are able to measure up to 1600 C, using a PID control system. The design scheme of the furnace is divided into 3 blocks, with heaters arranged in series to obtain the best efficiency when using electric power. The results obtained are that the furnace is able to reach a maximum temperature of 1000 C with high accuracy in all three blocks, but the achievement time of the maximum temperature in each block is only the best block 2 compared to other blocks, this is due to the …