2015 : A Study of Harmonics In PV-Wind Turbine Microgrid System

Prof. Dr. Ontoseno Penangsang Ir. M.Sc.
Dr. Imam Abadi ST., MT


This paper concerns with significant role of power quality, particulary harmonic, in the PV-wind power generation system. These are two most popular renewable energy sources hoped can overcome energy needs in the future. Photovoltaic and wind systems have been widely utilized in the generation of electrical energy, either at home or abroad. In this research, The PV-Wind microgrid system built consists of six different generator systems (ie one generator, two wind turbines and three PV panels), trafo and load system. Several factors which generate harmonic on PV-Wind power generation system are solar irradiation, wind speed, inverter/converter and generator. This paper also analyzed load flow in the system either when they are connected or not connected (islanded) to the grid.