2019 : Improve of engine oil lifetime by using additional filter a case study at PT Vale Indonesia Tbk

Dr.Ir. Purwadi Agus Darwito M.Sc.


The main purpose of the lubrication system on the engine is to circulate the oil to all parts of the engine. While the Oil works to clean, cooled and protected all the movement of the engine parts from wear and tear. Choosing the appropriate lubricating oil should be based on the machine’s performance capacity, its application and the fuel quality used. Diesel engines with biodiesel fuel, for example, normally operate at lower speeds, but higher temperatures, therefore have greater conducive conditions that can lead to oil oxidation, deposit buildup and corrosion in metal bearing metals. Normally, as directed at OMM, Engine oil should be replaced every 250 hours operations. This is to keep the function and properties of the oil running well. The longer the engine operates, the oil will be degraded, wear and soot also more and more. The filter are used to filter-out the particles contained in the engine oil, to keep the oil …