2018 : Topsolid7 CAM application for machining

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ir. I Made Londen Batan M.Eng
Dinny Harnany, ST, M.Sc


Topsolid7 is a CAD/CAM software which can be used to help complex machining process by providing G Code. Therefore the software should be tested to measure its capability. In this research, Topsolid7 is applied to provide G Code for a different machine with different control (Siemens and Fanuc). The G Code is used for machining process of some parts. To use Topsolid7, some item should be prepared such as 3D files, description of raw material’s shape and dimensions, and its process planning. However, the package of software doesn’t include with post processor generator software. Therefore, The G Code should be edited manually except for ISO formatfor examplae fanuc control format. During research, it is decided that, this software has a cability to help CNC machine operator successfully. The requested dimensions of component is fullfilled by the machine. However, in order to used any type of machine …