2018 : A study of consumer preferences for customized product design

Prof. Ir. Moses Laksono Singgih M.Sc Ph.D



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Segmentation has been frequently used to study individual consumer behavior against its preference. Consumer preferences indicate consumer requirements for a product. This study aims to analyze consumer preferences based on gender segmentation (male and female) and age segmentation (adolescents, adults, and elderl y). Consumer preferences wer e studied based on three aspects, namely functionality, usability, and pleasure that are applied to food products. Respondents consisted of 225 consumers of ice cream products. Crosstab analysis was used to describe consumer preferences, while chi-square test was applied to analyse the difference of consumer preference based on predetermined segmentation. The result showed that there was no significant difference for male and female consumer preferences for three aspects. Furthermore, on the attributes of taste (functionality), shape (usability) and …