2021 : Analisis Stabilitas Sistem Kelistrikan Kalimantan dan Jawa 500 kV DC Menggunakan Time Domain

Dr.Eng. Ardyono Priyadi ST, M.Eng



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Abstraks Indonesia is the archipelago country consist of 5 big islands and around 17,000 small islands scattered. Kalimantan island (Indonesia) has important role in Indonesia economic. Along the enhancement of electricity load in Kalimantan each years, Indonesia Government designs enhancement of electricity system in Kalimantan in order to meet electricity needs, so that electrification ratio can be increased.500 kV DC Backbones used for connecting electricity system in West, South, East, and North Kalimantan, while electricity power transferred to Java from Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan) to Gresik (East Java). This research discuss about stability of HVDC 500 kV system due to short circuit in dc line disturbance which making voltage change maximum 2,5%, and frequency change 0,2%,. Analysis of HVDC system stability by using Time Domain Simulation (TDS).