2019 : Study of hydrogen storage and electrochemical properties of AB2-type Ti0. 15Zr0. 85La0. 03Ni1. 2Mn0. 7V0. 12Fe0. 12 alloy

Suwarno ST., MSc., Ph.D.
Ika Dewi Wijayanti ST., M.Sc.


A C15 AB2 Laves-type Ti0.15Zr0.85La0.03Ni1.2Mn0.7V0.12Fe0.12 alloy was prepared by arc melting and annealing. Phase-structural composition, microstructure, hydrogen absorption-desorption properties, thermodynamic and electrochemical performances were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, hydrogen absorption-desorption measurements and electrochemical characterization and were related to the use of the alloys as metal hydride battery anodes.The alloy contains a C15 FCC intermetallic compound as the main phase and a LaNi secondary phase as the minor constituent (∼1 wt%).During the electrochemical tests, the anode electrodes quickly, after just a few activation cycles, reached a maximum discharge capacity. This was related to the catalytic effect of the La-rich secondary phase which acted as a catalyst of hydrogen absorption-desorption.Annealing resulted in …