2019 : The hydropower energy management for nickel smelter

Dr.rer.nat. Ir. Aulia Muhammad Taufiq Nasution M.Sc.


Energy Is one of impoertant thing beside raw of material to produce nickel In order to meet energy requirement to produce Nickel through the process of smelting pyro metallurgy, PT. Vale Indonesia operates three hydroelectric power plants: Larona, Balambano and Karebbe. These plants generate 365 megawatts of power that supplies the electricity to operate smelter plant. The presence of hydroelectric plants reduce the need for fuel-based power plants, they are the main initiative energy efficiency program, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Hydroelectric using water from Larona River which had a relative high annual debit fluctuation and hence it was necessary to retain the excessive water debit in the rainy season to overcome the deficit of the water in the dry season by constructing three cascade reservoir in the downstream of Towuti lake for hydropower operation. A dam stores water in a …