2019 : OntoDI: The Methodology for Ontology Development on Data Integration

Arif Bramantoro ST.
Ahmad Hoirul Basori S.Kom.


The implementations of data integration in current days have many issues to be solved. Heterogeneity of data with non-standardization data, data conflicts between various data sources, data with a different representation, as well as semantic aspects problems are among the challenges and still open to research. Semantic data integration using ontology approach is considered as an appropriate solution to deal with semantic aspects problem in data integration. However, most methodologies for ontology development are developed to cover specific purpose and less suitable for common data integration implementation. This research offers an improved methodology for ontology development on data integration to deal with semantic aspects problem, called OntoDI. It is a continuation and improvement of the previous work about ontology development methods on agent system. OntoDI consists of three main parts …