2019 : Adaptive Non Playable Character in RPG Game Using Logarithmic Learning For Generalized Classifier Neural Network (L-GCNN)

Dr.Eng. Darlis Herumurti S.Kom.,M.Kom.


Non-playable Character (NPC) is one of the important characters in the game. An autonomous and adaptive NPC can adjust actions with player actions and environmental conditions. To determine the actions of the NPC, the previous researchers used the Neural Network method but there were weaknesses, namely the action produced was not in accordance with the desired so the accuracy was not good. This study overcomes the problem of poor accuracy by using the Logarithmic Learning for Generalized Classifier Neural Network (L-GCNN) method with 6 input parameters, NPC health, distance from players, other NPCs involved, attack power, number of NPCs and NPC levels. While the output is to attack itself, attack in groups and move away. For testing, this study was tested on RPG games. From the results of the experiments conducted, it shows that the L-GCNN method has better accuracy than the 3 methods …