2019 : Development of Inventory Control Application for Pharmaceutical Product Using ABC-VED Cycle Counting Method to Increase Inventory Record Accuracy

Prof.Dr.Ir. Budi Santosa M.Sc, Ph.D.


A good inventory control system is needed in the organization to reduce costs and stay competitive. One of the inventory control strategy is stock-taking. This research aims to develop a new stock-taking policy for a pharmaceutical company using ABC-VED Cycle Counting. Proposed stock-taking policy using cycle counting result in counting 35 SKUs in group I, 21 SKUs in group II and 3 SKUs in group 3 daily. Previously, all items count only once a year. With the new policy, all items count more frequently. The first group is count 12 times a year, the second group is 6 times a year and the third group is 1.2 times a year. An inventory control application is also developed as a tool to keep track of inventory, record transaction, generate cycle counting schedule and perform the cycle counting. By using stocktaking policy of cycle counting which poured in the inventory control application, it is expected that the inventory record accuracy in the pharmaceutical company may be improved.